Monday, January 18, 2010

The blog is BACK!

So it has been WAY too long. BUT I have accomplished SO much at the house! But instead of just jumping right into where the house is right now... I have to start from the beginning. This is a story you know... : )

Let's start with photos from move-in day (since you have only seen the outside):

Half of the Living Room

Half of the Dining Room

The Kitchen

(This is my AMAZING pantry!)

[The world's most boring] Guest Room

Front Bathroom

The Man Cave (No, really.)

Complete with Longhorn Chandelier:

My Room

(Notice the lovely handy-work up around the ceiling?)

The Mud Room (aka The Youth Hostel)

Now most of these photos were taken on move-in day. We all know I wasn't about to bust out the bacon and eggs before I even had my refrigerator. Come on now! So, major props to my dad for thinking Whataburger would satisfy our hunger. He was SO right.

Now move in was... a little while ago. My hope is to update you room by room (minus the lovely 80's hosts on the HGTV show) so you can see where each of the rooms stand currently. Spoiler alert: The longhorn chandelier is still in the Man Cave. BUT you will be totally impressed with it now!

So... keep checking out the blog over the next few days to start seeing the transformations on this old house. (I'm not intentionally throwing in these HGTV show titles. I swear!)

Here is a little peak...

Oh yeah. Those are artichokes. But just wait... You shall see!

My daily coveted item: Lamps. I have an obsession. I just want lamps. Pendant lamps. Table lamps. Floor lamps. I just need lamps!! I am REALLY craving some glass based lamps like this one:

Umm... yes please?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

House Update

I am all moved in.
1) I have completely gotten out of my old place. (Thank you boys!)
2) My bedroom has been painted.
3) We played electrician and changed out the normal light switch on the porch with one on a timer, so I never have to walk in in the dark! (Whoo! JQ is amazing!!)
4) Got new fish! Mine died in the move. : ( AND did JQ's homework assignment!
5) Kristen and I painted the kitchen!
6) The list never ends...

Coming soon: Photos of the house and PAINTING THE KITCHEN with Kristen!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Social (Media) Outreach

I have been trying to pick out the color for my roof shingles. I had so many options, but had finally narrowed it down to 2. Driftwood (a warm, but not dark, brown) and Beachwood Sand (more tan than brown). BUT I couldn't pick. I debated on wether to go with the lighter color to help reduce the heat it retains... or the darker because it really looks best with the house.
I gave up and posted both shingle colors, along with a picture of the house and a desperate plea for help on the lovely social media phenomenon called Facebook. It looked very much like this! (I'm
using the same file. : ) I'm such a cheater. I know.)

In no time, I had an almost unanimous decision. Driftwood! Most people just picked and left it at that. Then there were those who had to "defend" their choice. "Oh this because of blah blah blah." Then there was the guy who sided with the polar bears. Yes. Polar bears. Something about: I should get the lighter to help stop global warming so the polar bears can live. Yes. Seriously. (Then I felt bad because I liked the darker. Thanks, dude.)
After much deliberation, I have made up my mind. Screw the polar bears! Sorry my furry friends. Driftwood it is! I liked it from the beginning and I like it now. As do (most) of my handy-dandy Facebook friends! Thank you to all of you who cast your votes! Decision: Done!
In just a mere 7 days... I shall have a roof covered in Driftwood!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I GOT THE HOUSE! Inspections: CHECK! Negotiations: CHECK! AND I get a brand-spankin' NEW roof! WHOO!

After months of searching through stinky old houses, I found mine! I went after it! AND NOW! It's so close I can taste it! All I have to do now is wait for my closing date.

Dum da da dunt dunt DAH! October 30, 2009!
It has been a LONG process to say the least. Many tears and paper-cuts are now forgotten. All I can do is keep busy to pass the time until I get those shiny silver keys! They could be gold... I don't know. At this point... I don't even care! I just want them!

Coveted item for today: An address in the Line Islands. "Why?" Do you ask? Let me explain this as simply as possible: The Line Islands (East of New Zealand) are easternmost timezone. This makes them the first place in the world to start each and every calendar day. They are 12-14 hours ahead! Crazy, huh? Yes, I know I bought my house in lovely Waco, Texas...
BUT I sure wouldn't complain if I got my keys 14 hours earlier than is scheduled! Less time I have to wait! : )

(You didn't know you were gonna get a geography lesson outta this, did ya?)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Luck to be a Lady Today!

This weekend has been a very successful for my lovely little house! I owe it all to the lucky little ladybug that was riding around on my windshield all day! (Even through the rain!)

After a trip to the lovely LaSalle Flea Market here in Waco, I have a new(!) beautiful(!) stainless steel(!) refrigerator! Can you tell I'm excited? It is lovely! I have been worried about not finding one for a few weeks now. I had finally decided to settle on a black one due to the extra expense that comes with the stainless steel. THEN! I was put in touch with a local couple who are wholesalers! Whoop whooop! Thank you flea market finds!
This is what my new friend Frigidaire looks like:

THEN, my lovely friend Haley (who hooked me up with my wholesaler friends) and I headed over to yet another local store called Laverty's. No, not the furniture store. Wait. I think its called Haverty's? I don't know. Moving on. Laverty's is like a hodge podge of crazy! It is mostly antiques and junk. But like they say: One man's trash is a young girl's treasure! At Laverty's, I bought the coolest burlap lampshades! I bought 2 (they are like 24 inches tall and 12 inches wide) for $5 each! They are SO sweet! I'm actually thinking about spray-painting them white... humm? Pictures to follow soon!

I also bought a vintage cocktail dress. It is beautiful! Haley tried it on and looked beautiful but she made me try it on anyway. I put it on... I think this dress was made specifically for me. (I do have a good 4 inches or so on Haley) So... after a whole 2 seconds of Haley convincing me, I quickly added it to my stack with the lampshades. Did I mention that I snagged that bad boy for a mere $15!? Oh yeah! Go

After a few other stops throughout the day (Common Grounds! We needed our caffeine fix! Mmm... Cowboy coffee!) We finally called it a day! And very successful one!

House update: Roofer man went to check it out today. We need a new roof. Let's hope my seller's are as 'motivated' as they claim to be! Wish us luck!

Coveted item for today: Cowhide rugs!
Haley and I saw one at Laverty's but it was in pretty bad condition.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Inspector's Gadgets

This has been the week of Inspections. The termite guy, (Bill?) came and checked everything out. Turned our pretty well.
Then there was Jerry. He was the main Home Inspector from RealPro. I followed him around like a little puppy. We whistled while he worked. I did learn alot of new things. Like GCFI! That's home inspection lingo, well electrical lingo in general. He taught me about all of his little "devices" like the one he plugged into each of the outlets. We went all over both the inside and outside of my baby. Poking her. Wiggling her. Stomping on her! Poor girl! BUT! At the end of the day... no major problems!
We may need a new roof... So the Mr. Roof Man should be out tomorrow. He is only allowed to come if he brings good news! Wish us luck!

Coveted Object for today: This GREAT wooden table from The Antonio Project on HGTV. So jealous.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


No, not to college. Been there, done that.

I'm talking about the offer on my very first house! I have officially found a house in which I have fallen in love with. Now it's time to make sure I can continue to love it! And not in a stalker way from afar and drive bys late at night. Really buying it! Just me! Twenty-one years old with my first place! (No need to insert any kind of over achiever jokes.)

Now comes the nail-biting, stress-inducing, somewhat hectic part. Inspections and closing!

Here's to hoping all goes well! Wish us luck! (Me and my 86 year old soon to be home, that is!)

Ain't she a beauty?