Friday, October 2, 2009

Inspector's Gadgets

This has been the week of Inspections. The termite guy, (Bill?) came and checked everything out. Turned our pretty well.
Then there was Jerry. He was the main Home Inspector from RealPro. I followed him around like a little puppy. We whistled while he worked. I did learn alot of new things. Like GCFI! That's home inspection lingo, well electrical lingo in general. He taught me about all of his little "devices" like the one he plugged into each of the outlets. We went all over both the inside and outside of my baby. Poking her. Wiggling her. Stomping on her! Poor girl! BUT! At the end of the day... no major problems!
We may need a new roof... So the Mr. Roof Man should be out tomorrow. He is only allowed to come if he brings good news! Wish us luck!

Coveted Object for today: This GREAT wooden table from The Antonio Project on HGTV. So jealous.

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