Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I GOT THE HOUSE! Inspections: CHECK! Negotiations: CHECK! AND I get a brand-spankin' NEW roof! WHOO!

After months of searching through stinky old houses, I found mine! I went after it! AND NOW! It's so close I can taste it! All I have to do now is wait for my closing date.

Dum da da dunt dunt DAH! October 30, 2009!
It has been a LONG process to say the least. Many tears and paper-cuts are now forgotten. All I can do is keep busy to pass the time until I get those shiny silver keys! They could be gold... I don't know. At this point... I don't even care! I just want them!

Coveted item for today: An address in the Line Islands. "Why?" Do you ask? Let me explain this as simply as possible: The Line Islands (East of New Zealand) are easternmost timezone. This makes them the first place in the world to start each and every calendar day. They are 12-14 hours ahead! Crazy, huh? Yes, I know I bought my house in lovely Waco, Texas...
BUT I sure wouldn't complain if I got my keys 14 hours earlier than is scheduled! Less time I have to wait! : )

(You didn't know you were gonna get a geography lesson outta this, did ya?)

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