Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Social (Media) Outreach

I have been trying to pick out the color for my roof shingles. I had so many options, but had finally narrowed it down to 2. Driftwood (a warm, but not dark, brown) and Beachwood Sand (more tan than brown). BUT I couldn't pick. I debated on wether to go with the lighter color to help reduce the heat it retains... or the darker because it really looks best with the house.
I gave up and posted both shingle colors, along with a picture of the house and a desperate plea for help on the lovely social media phenomenon called Facebook. It looked very much like this! (I'm
using the same file. : ) I'm such a cheater. I know.)

In no time, I had an almost unanimous decision. Driftwood! Most people just picked and left it at that. Then there were those who had to "defend" their choice. "Oh this because of blah blah blah." Then there was the guy who sided with the polar bears. Yes. Polar bears. Something about: I should get the lighter to help stop global warming so the polar bears can live. Yes. Seriously. (Then I felt bad because I liked the darker. Thanks, dude.)
After much deliberation, I have made up my mind. Screw the polar bears! Sorry my furry friends. Driftwood it is! I liked it from the beginning and I like it now. As do (most) of my handy-dandy Facebook friends! Thank you to all of you who cast your votes! Decision: Done!
In just a mere 7 days... I shall have a roof covered in Driftwood!

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