Monday, October 5, 2009

Luck to be a Lady Today!

This weekend has been a very successful for my lovely little house! I owe it all to the lucky little ladybug that was riding around on my windshield all day! (Even through the rain!)

After a trip to the lovely LaSalle Flea Market here in Waco, I have a new(!) beautiful(!) stainless steel(!) refrigerator! Can you tell I'm excited? It is lovely! I have been worried about not finding one for a few weeks now. I had finally decided to settle on a black one due to the extra expense that comes with the stainless steel. THEN! I was put in touch with a local couple who are wholesalers! Whoop whooop! Thank you flea market finds!
This is what my new friend Frigidaire looks like:

THEN, my lovely friend Haley (who hooked me up with my wholesaler friends) and I headed over to yet another local store called Laverty's. No, not the furniture store. Wait. I think its called Haverty's? I don't know. Moving on. Laverty's is like a hodge podge of crazy! It is mostly antiques and junk. But like they say: One man's trash is a young girl's treasure! At Laverty's, I bought the coolest burlap lampshades! I bought 2 (they are like 24 inches tall and 12 inches wide) for $5 each! They are SO sweet! I'm actually thinking about spray-painting them white... humm? Pictures to follow soon!

I also bought a vintage cocktail dress. It is beautiful! Haley tried it on and looked beautiful but she made me try it on anyway. I put it on... I think this dress was made specifically for me. (I do have a good 4 inches or so on Haley) So... after a whole 2 seconds of Haley convincing me, I quickly added it to my stack with the lampshades. Did I mention that I snagged that bad boy for a mere $15!? Oh yeah! Go

After a few other stops throughout the day (Common Grounds! We needed our caffeine fix! Mmm... Cowboy coffee!) We finally called it a day! And very successful one!

House update: Roofer man went to check it out today. We need a new roof. Let's hope my seller's are as 'motivated' as they claim to be! Wish us luck!

Coveted item for today: Cowhide rugs!
Haley and I saw one at Laverty's but it was in pretty bad condition.

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