Monday, January 18, 2010

The blog is BACK!

So it has been WAY too long. BUT I have accomplished SO much at the house! But instead of just jumping right into where the house is right now... I have to start from the beginning. This is a story you know... : )

Let's start with photos from move-in day (since you have only seen the outside):

Half of the Living Room

Half of the Dining Room

The Kitchen

(This is my AMAZING pantry!)

[The world's most boring] Guest Room

Front Bathroom

The Man Cave (No, really.)

Complete with Longhorn Chandelier:

My Room

(Notice the lovely handy-work up around the ceiling?)

The Mud Room (aka The Youth Hostel)

Now most of these photos were taken on move-in day. We all know I wasn't about to bust out the bacon and eggs before I even had my refrigerator. Come on now! So, major props to my dad for thinking Whataburger would satisfy our hunger. He was SO right.

Now move in was... a little while ago. My hope is to update you room by room (minus the lovely 80's hosts on the HGTV show) so you can see where each of the rooms stand currently. Spoiler alert: The longhorn chandelier is still in the Man Cave. BUT you will be totally impressed with it now!

So... keep checking out the blog over the next few days to start seeing the transformations on this old house. (I'm not intentionally throwing in these HGTV show titles. I swear!)

Here is a little peak...

Oh yeah. Those are artichokes. But just wait... You shall see!

My daily coveted item: Lamps. I have an obsession. I just want lamps. Pendant lamps. Table lamps. Floor lamps. I just need lamps!! I am REALLY craving some glass based lamps like this one:

Umm... yes please?

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